How old do you have to be ?

In the province of Alberta you are required to be 18 years of age or older, as stated in the “Tattooing Health Standards and Guidelines” of Alberta section II-1 page 5 “Informed Consent”.

For underage piercings we will need parental/guardian consent. (parent/guardian will need to be present to sign paperwork)

How much does it cost ?

Shop rate is $150/hr and our min. is $75. Piercings are $42 jewelery and tax included..

Is it safe ?

Yes, we utilize the best equipment and practices to make sure all of our equipment is sterile and that the environment the tattoo procedure takes place in is clean and safe for our clients. We use disposables and berriers wherever possible. We use disposable one time use needles which are properly disposed of after every use, and autoclave anything that needs be. Our autoclave is tested twice a month, a spore test is sent to a lab, and the lab sends the results back to us, confirming our autoclave is working properly. All of the equipment that is autoclaved is packaged with an indicator strip and is stamped with a batch number that can be traced back to the day and time it was autoclaved, also indicating who had completed this procedure. When this equipment is used for a tattoo all of this will be packaged together and filed with the clients consent form. We keep records of all of this on site as required by Alberta Health Services and is available to view if you feel the need.

How much for a touch up ?

Our work is garaunteed for life, if your tattoo needs a touch up than the artist who had originally did your tattoo will touch it up for you. If that artist is no longer with us we will either direct you as to where that artist might be and/or one of the artists that are available will touch it up for you.

Can I book a consultation, and what is involved ?

Of course, to book a free consultation you can call the shop, e-mail, or just pay us a visit. If you decide to email or phone and would prefer a particular artist please remember to indicate the name of that artist you are interested in a consult with. During a consultation the artist will collect details of what it is you would like to get tattooed and discuss ideas, during this time they will also take measurements of your body and collect any reference material from you. Then before you leave they will book your appointment and be sure to have your design ready for the day you are scheduled to get it done.

Do you require a deposit and why?

We do require a deposit to book your appointment, the amount to be collected depends on the time that will be needed to complete your tattoo. This deposit will go towards the final cost of your tattoo. This deposit is non-refundable but is transferable as long as 72 hour notice is given to your artist prior to your scheduled appointment.

The reason we need to collect a deposit is because long before you actually get your tattoo, most of the time your artist has already put alot of work and time into creating your design, and if a client doesnt show for their appointment it doesn’t only cost the artist the time that they had reserved for you, but also all of the preperation time aswell.

How can I prepare myself before I get a tattoo ?

Make sure you eat a decent meal before you come in especially if you were out partying the night before, if you’re in between meals it’s a good idea to have a snack maybe a candy bar and some orange juice something to get your blood sugar up. Also remember to wear clothing that will allow the artist to easily access the area to be tattooed. We do our best to make sure ink does not get on your clothing but it is a possibility, so its best not to wear anything you wouldnt want to get ink on.

Can I bring a friend to keep me company ?

Of course, although we do ask that only maybe 1-2 people sit with you during your tattoo depending on how busy the shop is. We do have a considerable amount of space in the waiting area for the rest of your friends and/or family to relax while you get your tattoo.

Can I bring children with me?

Sure we love children, but we do appreciate that they are kept quite and under control while in the shop so the artist can stay focused on thier clients tattoo. We also request that they are not left to run around the shop and if not being held by a someone to stay in the waiting area to prevent any bumping of chairs, and/or distractions, and not to mention for their own safety.

Do you do piercings and do I have to book an appointment?

You don’t need to make an appointment! Just drop in. Although it is recommended that you call the shop in advance.